Find Extra Work

Find Extra Work

Find Extra Work such as being on TV, writing reviews, selling items at parties, being a mystery shopper or being an art model and increase your income and earn money

The Find Extra Work website brings you a wide range of free information about the many home working opportunities and jobs you can do to supplement an income. It is possible to earn a modest wage from doing all or a combination of the activities described throughout our pages.

Use the page links to the left and the right to read more information such as being an acting extra, writing TV reviews, being a mystery shopper, how to sell true story, selling items at parties or for brochure and catalogue companies. There is also a range of internet activities where you can easily earn from using your computer.

Salary Checker page - allows you to compare average salaries for any job or industry within any location in the UK:

The information throughout this site is free and there are no get rich quick solutions. Instead I give you the ability to learn how to work for yourself and for a variety of people or sources and get paid.

I would recommend doing as many of the activities listed to maximise your payments. Some jobs may only give you a few hours each month, others maybe an hour or a few minutes a day.

So for example you could be a cleaner for several hours a day then go to your house for lunch and to test products, enter competitions and complete surveys for cash. Then deliver leaflets before enjoying a rest from finding extra work with a free cinema ticket.

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If you want to read your way through each page then either go to the site map and make your way through the links, or use the right and left menu which stays the same on each page throughout the website.

We help you find home working opportunities and also help you to save thus helping you to increase your income through saving. Examples are the money off coupons and the promotional discount codes pages which will help stretch your grocery and online shopping further.

Other ways to earn from shopping is to sell your unwanted goods at online auctions. This home working opportunity is particularly useful if you get paid to review books where you can earn selling books after writing the reviews.

Those with a good general knowledge may wish to read the be on TV Game Shows page where not only can you appear on television but can win prizes that can reach into thousands of pounds.

If public appearances are not your thing how about learning how to be a crossword compiler.

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If you would prefer to get out and about then you could try house sitting, delivering catalogue jobs or combining this with dog walking.

Do try combining surveys for cash and read emails as ways to increase your income using your computer, or even during a lunch break. Other ways to earn extra money at home could be to play quizzes which have prizes or even to find work at home by setting up your own website and making money from online advertising from your website and become an affiliate.

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If this has not answered your questions or you need some more advice then please e-mail me. I would also welcome any advice to increase the information to make it more useful to others. I would also appreciate it if you were to send our link to your friends, forums and social media.

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We would not normally suggest gaming or gambling as ways to earn. However you may wish to take advantage of free offers from gaming sites. You may win, but do be careful to not spend out more than you win or can afford. We have included these gaming offers on the site so that you can claim the free plays available or to make a welcome distraction. Read our advice on the free online bingo, free scratchcards and play games for prizes pages.

Visitors who have recently changed jobs or been made redundant and are trying to find work may wish to read the tax refund page first. This gives advice about claiming back a tax rebate for a range of reasons such as allowable expenses and how to back date the claim. A few phone calls and letters can help you get a refund.

For those seeking fame and fortune then do read the how to get on a reality show page or learn how to get paid to write letter pages.

We also discuss various ways of making your money earn more for you. See the are premium bonds a good UK investment for our favourite way of saving.

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