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Advertise On Your Car Wrap Advertising Get Paid Advertisements On Cars

It is possible to get paid to advertise on your car or van and to receive money for each week or month that it stays on. Some companies will even have regular employees who get to swap them each month. This gives them more exposure and the vehicle owner regular income and a new look.

They will look like those seen on buses, vans and taxis and can look quite beautiful and eye catching. They do not normally cover any windows or windscreens, just the bodywork, and can be for a variety of telephone numbers, companies, products and services. Common ones include recent cinema film releases, alcoholic drinks and the url and image of a new website.

There are several things to consider before joining a company that will pay you to put an advert on your vehicle. These are discussed in this article.

The first thing to do is to check with your insurance company. Ask them if the advert on the bodywork will affect your insurance cover and future premiums.

Car Wrap Advertising

Ensure the company you work for fits them professionally so that damage is minimised and does not affect your paintwork or fade parts when left in the sun - you need to drive it and no company is going to pay you each month if it is kept in a dark garage.

Some will use a technology called car wraps advertising which totally cover the bodywork in a protective material. The company gets more exposure and it is supposed to offer a degree of protection to the body work because it protects the paintwork from sun exposure, loose stones, etc.

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Get Paid For Car Advertising

Do ask the company about the technology used - it is your property they are working on. Unless you have been lucky enough to get paid for car advertising by a company that gives you a free vehicle in exchange for driving about in a major city. In these cases you generally just pay for the petrol or diesel, insurance, road tax, maintenance costs such as servicing and MOT and any repairs. You then agree to have them placed on the vehicle at agreed intervals for a set time period.

Be honest about your driving. Companies may check your mileage upon each new advertising on your car application and there may even be small print in the contract or conditions of payment that you must drive a set minimum miles or kilometres each week or month.

You will have to get used to people staring, pointing at or even taking photographs of you and your vehicle.

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Car Adverts

You will be more likely to gain car adverts opportunities if you live in a densely populated area like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh or another major city. You can still get it if you live in a small town or village provided you can prove that you drive on major A or motorway roads and through areas with lots of people. Perhaps you visit friends in such areas several times a week or drive to work and park in a highly visible area.

Your role is to show off the eye catching ads, so need to demonstrate on your application form that it will be seen in areas with lots of different people passing by. For example a self-employed courier who travels many miles a year will be highly prized because of the high exposure the vehicle will receive.

Advertisements On Cars

On other occasions you may be asked or have it written in your contract that the advertisements on cars will be seen at large public events such as a country show, concert or sporting event.

Income earned should be declared to your tax office on your self assessment form. Any extra insurance costs and possibly maintenance and mileage expenses may be able to be added to your expense sheet, especially if you can prove they were not used for personnel use and purely for business usage.

It can provide you with an additional source of income and the work can be fun, especially if you like driving.

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Below are a collection of websites that will pay you to put adverts on your car that have been provided by visitors:


They are based in Nottingham, though accept applicants throughout the UK for people looking to put adverts on car and get help with the costs of motoring. They are a division of the company Lion Media UK and provide specifically targeted campaigns for their private owners with no need to change normal driving and parking routines. Registrants sign up to a minimum term from 3 to 12 months and will receive a fixed monthly fee. The client company will assign the owner a package depending on where they live, ie those who drive a car with advertising on the bodywork in a major city like Manchester will get more than someone living in a rural location such as a small village in Suffolk.

As an example of possible payment from Money4space when findextrawork reviewed their site they would pay an owner on their gold package 225 for one on the side of a vehicle. More up to date prices and payments for different areas such as on the rear window are displayed at their website.

You will need to adhere to a contract with specific terms and conditions in order to get paid to put an advert on your car. For example at the time of this review their website stated that drivers would need to drive at least 500 miles per month, keep it clean so that the ads can clearly be seen by pedestrians and fellow motorists and that it must be driven responsibly. Full terms and conditions can be read at

Payment will be deposited monthly directly into your bank account after monthly checks such as a vehicle and the ad examination and mileage check have been undertaken.

Below is an example photo:

Car Adverts

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