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Fast Food Delivery Driver

Information to work as a part or full time fast food delivery driver for a range of take aways:

Fast Food Delivery Driver Takeaway Jobs

Take away outlets that cook meals such as pizzas, fish and chips, Chinese or Indian cuisine often employ contracted full and part time staff. Others use them on a freelance basis as hours become available. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this type of career along with information and advice.

Delivery Drivers

The take away restaurants will either provide employees with a car, motorbike or moped or you may have to use your own vehicle. In either case do check with your employer the status of insurance. If the outlet is to provide the vehicle then you should not be expected to pay or provide your own car or motorbike insurance, but please do check. However if you are expected to provide a vehicle then you will usually be expected to make your own arrangements. Do inform your insurance company if you are to use your own vehicle for fast food delivery driver jobs. You may need to pay extra and should ideally pay for fully comprehensive with liability and legal protection and cover. If you are working as a self employed then you could claim this added expense on your inland revenue self assessment expense sheet. Income earned should be declared to the inland revenue on your annual tax return unless you are full or part time and the company is deducting tax and national insurance payments directly from your pay packet.

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Do not be tempted to speed to a customer to get there quicker. Speeding is a major cause of accidents and you will be responsible for paying any fines. Do talk with the people taking the orders at the restaurant to ensure they give you and the customer realistic times. Though no-one likes a cold pizza it is better to take a few more minutes than be responsible for an accident. Besides most meals can be stored in insulated boxes or tin foil containers and insulated bags and will keep warm for a set time. Some outlets have special vans that have heated compartments for storage.

Delivery Driver Positions

There are some extra perks of delivery driver positions such as getting left overs at the end of a shift. Don't be shy in taking this as it will only be thrown out. Fill your freezer up to save money. You'll be popular with friends and family who love Indian, Chinese, pizza or kebab take aways. Your dog will look forward to you coming home even more!

Another perk for take away drivers is the tips that grateful customers may give you. You have saved them cooking or going out to collect their meal. They are having it freshly cooked and taken directly to their door. So smile, be polite and say something like "Enjoy your meal and I look forward to seeing you again" and they may just increase the tip. Do respect their property, park so as not to block traffic and close any gates to enhance their experience. As customers become regulars so too may their tips. Do keep a note of tips as these should also be declared on your income tax self assessment forms.

There are few skills or qualifications required. You will need to have a full and clean driving licence. A knowledge of the local area is a great advantage. You will process more orders and get meals quicker to customers if you have used a sat nav and not got lost on the way and wasted time reading a map or asking for directions.

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Takeaway Driver

There are some down sides to being a takeaway driver. You may have to deal with impolite and rude people. Some may have had a few drinks, and on an empty stomach this enhances the bad effects of alcohol. You should discuss with your employer how such situations are to be handled and what the company policy is. You should also discuss the company policy for non payers. For example what happens if you take a pizza to a house and the person in the home takes the meal, closes the door without paying and refuses to answer your knocks and door bell rings.

Delivery Driver Jobs

Another down side is that you are doing unsocial hours, usually from 5pm until 1am. You may have to go to areas that you would not consider going to and may have to walk past undesirable people to get to the location, especially in areas of high density housing like flats and housing estates. Some get a mobile phone to use in emergencies to contact the police and some companies provide walkie talkies. This has the advantage of being able to talk live to the restaurant for directions, to warn them of any potential trouble and to get an update on your location. You will be seen to be carrying money and could be a target for muggers.

It can be done full time or part time. It would suit someone who is free in the evenings so could be done on top of a day job or for those who do not need much sleep. Though do not be tempted to drive when tired. It would also suit someone who likes to work when their partner is home from their day job and can care for the children. It would also suit retired people like those who drove a bus or taxi who are especially valued by companies because they have local route knowledge. It could also suit University or college students who need income whilst still being able to attend classes during the day.

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