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Renting Out Your Home As A Film Location

Earn between £300 and £5000 a day when you rent out your house for filming or for photo shoot set location

TV companies and film producers are always searching for unique places to base their dramas, documentaries, comedies or movies. They will pay you a daily fee which varies depending on the size of your property, location and unusual features or furniture. Even magazines are looking for new places to take photographs.

renting out your home film location

Typical fees paid to you will be on a daily basis for renting out your home as a film location set and start from £300 for a still photo shoot, £500 for a small production based in a three bedroomed house and up to £5000 for stately home - think Downton Abbey which in reality is Highclere Castle in Hampshire.

There could be fringe benefits too. In the previous example they can now charge £100 for a special tour for fans of the ITV programme and have seen visitor numbers soar. Normal households may see their property value rise because people want to live somewhere famous.

But you need not live in a castle to benefit. Think about the high number of crime and detective dramas on BBC1 or Channel 4. They still need average looking homes to film in and cannot keep using the same sets. It is cheaper for them to use one that they can move in temporarily than build one and they will look more realistic for the viewers. This is why Casualty uses real homes for the injuries that occur before the person goes to hospital.

There can also be other bonuses such as a new carpet being professionally laid or decorating by professionals prior to filming such as happened to the Dr Who fans who allowed the crew to film one scene in their extension.

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You may be asked to leave your home in their hands and move out for an agreed time. You can negotiate hotel accommodation in addition to payment. If you are able to stay you can quietly watch what happens and may even be able to meet actors.

There are a few disadvantages though to renting out your home as a film location set for TV or movies filming. Normally the production company will have full public liability insurance and will pay for or put right any damages. They will use lots of heavy and large equipment such as generators, cameras and lights. There will be lots of crew, perhaps as much as 30, even for a small set. Combine this with lots of cables and activity and accidents may occur. So it may be best to store any family heirlooms. Do also inform your own insurance company about what is happening.

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To get this type of work register with locations department of productions and channels like the BBC. There are websites that will register your property and contact you when opportunities arise. This includes

You may also want to consider acting extra work or being on a reality show.

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